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We are Mindspace: a leading global provider of high-end flexible office spaces. Our Philly branch is located in the city center, right at the historical Wanamaker building. 

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  • Steffen Ganders - Director Corporate Affairs, Samsung, Mindspace Berlin
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    "I like the good exchange we can have here with a lot of different companies and young minds. Seriousness on the one hand, young and vital on the other"

  • Hanna Jung - Sales Manager, Kizen, Mindspace San Francisco
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    "When I walk into Mindspace I just wake up...there is this energy I can't really grasp..there is something about it that sets my mood and attitude for the day..."

  • Jeremiah Lowin - Founder & CEO, Perfect Technologie, Mindspace Washington DC
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    " Mindspace has provided a beautiful sunlit office ..We just absolutely love our office"

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