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Welcome to Mindspace: a global provider of high-end flexible office spaces. Our SF branch is located right on Market Street and offers private offices as well as big suites, event areas, meeting rooms, and spacious inspiring lounges. The icing on the cake is its prime location in a vibrant area of restaurants, bars, and much more.


Guiding Principles of
“The Mindspace Seal”

  • Cleanliness

    We further upgraded our existing high standards of cleanliness and hygiene to provide our members safe and healthy workspaces.

  • Safety

    To make sure everyone feels safe - at all times - new procedures that comply with local regulations were put in place. 

  • Awareness

    Clear communication reminders of guidelines are spread around our spaces to keep our members aware and in compliance with local government guidelines.

Flexible Offices

The Ideal Solution for Uncertain Times

  • You can grow or shrink
    at any given time

  • Reduce risks &
    long-term commitments

  • Flexible
    monthly contract

  • One “all-inclusive”

  • Just bring your computer
    and we׳ll take care of
    the rest

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